40-30-20-10 NOW

For traditional environmentalists, 2010 is important because the first Earth Day occurred 40 years ago. For free market environmentalists, 2010 is more than an anniversary— it’s cause for celebration.

New Director of Development joins PERC

PERC is not only celebrating its 30th anniversary in June, but also the arrival of Pete Geddes. We are pleased to announce the addition of Pete to the staff as Director of Development.

Recycling Redux

More than 30 years after the homeless garbage barge Mobro 4000 put recycling on the front pages, recycling remains a poster child for many who consider themselves environmentalists.

Diminishing Law and Liberty

The greatest environmental president in history, Richard Nixon, created the EPA by Executive Order and helped make the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and…

Soybeans Give Forests Their Space

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of soybeans, most of which come from the Amazonian state of Mato Grosso. As vast tracts of jungle are clearcut to make room for soybeans, environmentalists have pleaded with farmers to save rare species and preserve ecological diversity.