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Through PERC’s programs, we explore how aligning incentives for environmental stewardship produces sustainable outcomes for land, water, and wildlife. Through fellowships, workshops, seminars, and mentoring, we open our doors to a diversity of interests to foster deep exploration of resource problems and creative solutions.



Conducting quality research is at the core of PERC’s mission. Through our fellowships, PERC invites scholars, law, and graduate students to spend time at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, working on a research project addressing a pressing environmental challenge.

PERC Fellowships

Student Summit

Students are the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and conservationists. PERC’s Student Summit teaches undergraduates creative approaches to conservation that harness the power of property rights, entrepreneurship, and markets.

PERC Student Summit


PERC holds workshops throughout the year to bring together scholars, conservationists, and policymakers to advance our understanding of the role of property rights and markets in delivering good environmental outcomes.

PERC Workshops