Looking to increase your fuel costs? Buy ethanol

Ethanol was once touted as a panacea to high fuel costs, energy independence, and even global warming. Now, after billions of taxpayer dollars and government mandates for its use, ethanol has become the usual suspect in global food shortages, skyrocketing food prices, and increased environmental degradation.

Let the Sunshine In

While wealthy industrialized countries are struggling to convince their populations to adopt solar energy, dozens of villagers in rural Laos are standing in line to sign up with a small energy company that provides solar power.

Conatster v. Johnson Threatens Stream Banks and Property Rights

On July 18, Kevin Conatser became the poster child for trespassing fishermen everywhere. He earned that reputation when the Utah Supreme Court ruled that public ownership of state waters gave him—and every other Utah resident—the right to stand, wade, and fish on the privately owned stream beds beneath those waters.