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Volume 24, No.3, Fall 2006

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Candy Wrapper Fashion

Tired of the same old Prada purses? So many people are. Fortunately a few high-end specialty boutiques and even Bloomingdale’s have an entirely new line of shoulder bags, clutches, and coin purses that are delightfully colorful and eye-catching. Imported from Mexico, they have been woven from the discarded candy wrappers, potato chip bags, and cookieContinue reading "Playing with the Big Rocks"

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Letters to the Editor

Different Constraints The various articles in your special issue (“American Indians and Property Rights,” June 2006) together illustrate a series of fundamentally important points. First, American Indians are just like anyone else, except that they face different structures of costs and rewards, to which they respond, like anyone else. Above all, they face different governmentalContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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