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Volume 20, No.1, Spring 2002

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Bottled Icebergs

On a hot summer’s day, you can’t beat a tall glass of ice water to cool things off. In the far northern regions of Canada, the people of Nunavut are hoping that a glass of iceberg water might be even better. The plan is to harvest icebergs that have calved off nearby glaciers, melt them,Continue reading "Bottled Icebergs"

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Life After Poaching

In Brazil, some of the country’s most notorious wildlife poachers have abandoned their illegal trade and joined conservation organizations to preserve the very animals they once exploited. The turnaround was not necessarily inspired by some spiritual revelation, but rather by the long arm of the law. A flourishing international market in exotic pets made theContinue reading "Bottled Icebergs"

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Full Steam Ahead

As energy efficiency has become a top priority for many companies, cogeneration power plants are supplying some solutions. Cogeneration provides electricity to customers along with steam that can be used in their production or manufacturing processes. In Orange County, Texas, Conoco Energy Solutions and NRG Energy Inc. have begun operations at a 420-megawatt cogeneration powerContinue reading "Bottled Icebergs"

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Australian Flower Power

Flower power has taken on a new meaning in western Australia. Kate Delaporte, a horticulturist at Adelaide University, is cultivating native plants and flowers in an attempt to jump-start a new industry along the Murray River. Once well known as a fruit-growing area, the region is losing agricultural production because of increasing soil salinity, decreasingContinue reading "Bottled Icebergs"

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