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  • Linda Platts
  • As energy efficiency has become a top priority for many companies, cogeneration power plants are supplying some solutions. Cogeneration provides electricity to customers along with steam that can be used in their production or manufacturing processes.

    In Orange County, Texas, Conoco Energy Solutions and NRG Energy Inc. have begun operations at a 420-megawatt cogeneration power plant. Run on natural gas, the power plant will supply a DuPont Chemical facility with both power and steam. Because the plant will generate more power than Dupont requires, the excess will be sold into the electricity market.

    In California, the 102-megawatt Valero Cogeneration Project will supply energy to the Valero refinery in Benecia by year’s end. The power plant will use two combustion turbine engines, fueled by refinery gas, to produce all the electricity needed by the refinery. The steam will be used in refinery processes.

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