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Volume 19, No.3, Fall 2001

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The Bottom Line

For corporations, profits are the name of the game. One way to increase those profits is to reduce waste and improve efficiency. AT&T, one of the world’s largest companies, has implemented an array of new policies with both profits and environmental protection in mind, and, in so doing, has earned the Vision of America AwardContinue reading "The Bottom Line"

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Hog Hygiene

After years of bitter wrangles over the stench coming from large hog farms, a Tulsa inventor says he has found a cost-effective method to stem the odor of animal waste. Not only does it reduce the odor to a virtual trace, but it also eliminates water pollution and lowers the disease rate for the animals.Continue reading "The Bottom Line"

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Going to Seed

Last year, one Utah rancher sold off his cattle and spent the summer watching the grass grow. At summer’s end, he harvested the grass for seed and made more money selling the seed than he could have made selling his cattle. Throughout the West, farmers and ranchers who are struggling to stay afloat as theyContinue reading "The Bottom Line"

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Let It Shine

Ranching along the Musselshell River in central Montana has never been an easy way to make a living, but rising power prices, tougher environmental laws, and dropping surface water supplies have made a tough job even tougher. Fortunately, the sun has not stopped shining on this remote western valley, giving rise to hopes for aContinue reading "The Bottom Line"

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Lessons of the Springs

  Much of human history reflects choices between whether to organize activities privately or through government. When I travel, I often come across the visible remnants of such choices. That happened recently at Thermopolis, Wyoming, a small resort community built around the “World’s Largest Hot Spring.” Water from the nearby Owl Creek Mountains filters throughContinue reading "The Bottom Line"

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