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2024 PERC Visiting Fellows

Lone Mountain Fellows

Rosa Brooks

Georgetown Law

Research topic: All the Way to Heaven and All the Way to Hell: Land, Power, and Belonging in the American West

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Robert Heilmayr

University of California, Santa Barbara

Research topic: The environmental and economic impacts of indigenous land restitution in Chile

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Danae Hernandez-Cortes

Arizona State University

Research topic: Designing Environmental Trading Systems to Address Environmental Inequities

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Michel Kohl

University of Georgia

Research topic: Quantifying urban wildlife habitat in a rapidly changing world

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Christian Langpap

Oregon State University

Research topic: Do environmental groups mitigate free-riding in transboundary pollution?

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David Molitor

University of Illinois

Research topic: Evaluating the effectiveness and equity of U.S. federal policy to provide clean drinking water

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Stephen Newbold

University of Wyoming

Research topic: The effect of congestion on the demand for visits to Yellowstone National Park

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Sarah Null

Utah State University

Research topic: Barriers to water markets and transfers in the Great Salt Lake basin

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Joseph Price

Bringham Young University

Research topic: The economics and historical roots of alfalfa farming in Utah

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Graduate Fellows

Andie Creel

Yale University

Research topic: Natural capital accounting of recreation in urban green space

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Garrett Shost

University of Wisconsin Madison

Research topic: The effects of conservation easements on real estate prices and development

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Frederik Strabo

University of California, Davis

Research topic: Estimating the economic benefits of fuel treatments through constraints to federal land agencies

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Sandy Sum

University of California, Santa Barbara

Research topic: Distributional consequences of agricultural groundwater markets in California

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