The Private Sector has a Role to Play with Environmental Cleanups

Photo courtesy of James Doyle.

President Trump’s 2021 budget proposal calls for a 10 percent cut of $113 million for Superfund, the federal government’s main program for cleaning up sites contaminated by hazardous pollutants. This continues a decades-long trend of reduced funding for the program, even as the number of sites designated for cleanup has steadily increased.

This is no small problem. Despite a backlog of more than 1,300 listed Superfund sites, the Environmental Protection Agency certifies the completion of only about 10 cleanups per year. At that rate, it’ll be 2150 before all of these sites are cleaned up—and that’s assuming no other sites are added to the to-do list.

The key to cleaning up more polluted sites is to become less reliant on fickle federal funding. That means increasing opportunities for the private sector to contribute to cleanups. Unfortunately, federal regulations often discourage such contributions.

Read the full article in The Hill.

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