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As the home of free market environmentalism and the Enviropreneur Institute, PERC is the place where:

  • scholars refine the principles of free market environmentalism;
  • policy, business, and opinion leaders turn for environmental solutions; and
  • environmental entrepreneurs pair conservation and economic profit.

We are pleased to partner with the State Policy Network to learn more about regional environmental issues and to help free-market advocates foster harmony between economic growth and environmental quality. To partner with us on research or tell us about an enviropreneur in your home state, email:

The Unexpected Consequences of Net Metering in Solar Power: the Case of Arizona by Javier Angulo.
Eight Great Myths of the California Water Crisis by Alison Grant.
Research by Hannah Downey and Michael Higuera of the Nature Conservancy will present case studies on mountain biking on state and private lands, based on growing demand for bike-specific trails which can be better met by state parks, state trust land leases, or private landowners.
Tapping Florida’s Water Markets by Reed Watson and and a contributor from the James Madison Institute
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