What's an enviropreneur?

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noun | en·vi·ro·preneur

  1. an environmental entrepreneur
  2. an innovator who finds new ways to enhance environmental quality
  3. someone who resolves environmental conflicts using contracts, property rights, and markets

Who are PERC’s enviropreneurs?
Alumni of PERC's Enviropreneur Institute are all over the world working in a wide range of fields to tackle environmental issues. Here are a few examples:

Indonesia: 2015 Enviropreneur of the Year, Bryse Gaboury, is changing lives in rural Indonesia with a solar smart grid.

Tennessee: As seen in Forbes, Sarah Bellos is helping the fashion industry replace toxic chemical dyes with farm-grown alternatives. Her efforts will give farmers additional cash crops and reduce chemical runoff in rivers and streams.

Montana: Rancher and environmental educator Danielle Nicholas is educating people about sustainable ranching and the terroir of beef. 

Explore our interactive map or alumni database to meet more enviropreneurs.

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