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Greener Than Thou: Are You Really an Environmentalist?

  • Terry Anderson,
  • Laura Huggins
  • Why is green equated with regulation? Why can’t green mean harnessing the power of markets to improve the environment? Is there another path to better resource stewardship? In Greener Than Thou, Terry Anderson and Laura Huggins answer these and other questions as they make a case for free market environmentalism.

    In six insightful chapters, the authors make a powerful argument for free market environmentalism. They break down liberal and conservative stereotypes of what it means to be an environmentalist and show that, by forming local coalitions around market principles, stereotypes can be replaced by pragmatic solutions that improve environmental quality without increasing red tape.


    “There are two ways to show you are green. One is to preach, sue, lobby and spend; the other is to find ways to nudge people in the environmental directions by changing their economic incentives. Greener Than Thou demonstrates with fascinating case histories–ranging from Alaskan halibut to Bolivian bees to Mexican jaguars–how much more can be achieved the second way.”
    -Matt Ridley, scientist and author of Genome: The Autobiography of Species in 23 Chapters

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    Written By
    • Terry Anderson

      Terry L. Anderson is the former president and executive director of PERC, and the John and Jean De Nault Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

    • Laura Huggins
      • Research Fellow

      Laura Huggins is CEO of Montana Prairie Holdings, manager of economic initiatives at American Prairie Reserve, and a PERC research fellow.

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