From the Editor

Whether focused on public or private lands, the goal of this special issue is to explore new frontiers in land management.

Readers speak out

Some great articles, including “Bootleggers, Baptists, and Global Warming in Retrospect,” by Bruce Yandle; “Recycling Redux,” by Daniel Benjamin; and a book review “The Case Against the Hockey Stick,” by Matt Ridley. It was a refreshing read after being nauseated by the amount of talk on “sustainability” (i.e. save the environment, ignore the costs).

Eat to extinction

Examining the lionfish "takeover" in waters of the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean, and what markets are doing to solve it.

A growing fashion trend

Today’s fashions change so quickly that clothes are hardly worn and rarely loved. Barely worn clothes sit in heaps in warehouses across the country.