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Volume 25, No.1, Spring 2007

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Free Market Environmentalism

When Donald Leal and I wrote Free Market Environmentalism in 1991, we mostly theorized about how property rights and markets could enhance environmental quality. We focused more on political failures than market successes because there were more of the former than the latter.

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Java Lights Your Fire

Rod Sprules, an engineer with extensive experience in product development, made the first java log by packing an empty cigar tube with dried coffee grounds and lighting it at the dining table.

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Workers Adapt to a Snail's Pace

Life has never been easy in the poor Western Cape township of Vyeboom, South Africa. Yet many illiterate, rural people migrated there from Eastern Cape Province seeking work picking fruit. Instead, they have found a promised land, of sorts, picking snails.

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  Fifteen years ago, an academic publisher quietly released Free Market Environmentalism by Terry Anderson and Don Leal. At the time, few mainstream environmentalists or politicians saw the book. But since its publication, free-market environmentalism spurred a quiet revolution in environmental policy. Now its views and policy approaches are starting to be taken seriously inContinue reading "These Lands are Your Lands"

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Letters to the Editor

PES model needs replicating Coming from another Latin-American country, it was very informative for me to see [in “Bees and Barbed Wire for Water,” December 2006] this case of payments for environmental services (PES) working effectively. When we are talking about property rights in Latin American and Caribbean countries, we always have to deal withContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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