Indian Sovereignty –

Tribal sovereignty is an achievement, but just as important in enabling Indians to be entrepreneurial is recognizing the role of the individual.

A Modern Potlatch?

British Columbia could resolve its conflicts over salmon by an auction that resembles the 'rivalry potlatches' of the past.

Poachers to Rangers

In the heart of Cambodia is the most important waterbird zone in mainland Southeast Asia. At Prek Toal, just-hatched chicks peep in deafening high tones,…

Cities Adopt Green Tops

When the elevator stops on the top floor of some of the world’s newest downtown skyscrapers, the occupants may be in for a surprise. Before…

Letters to the Editor

  A Distorted Picture of Canadian Forests   Alison Berry?s article about Canadian forest management (?Timber Tenures,? March 2005) takes a somewhat truncated view of…

Blackfeet Gathering

Blackfeet Gathering, an oil painting of teepees, illustrates private property among American Indians. It is available by auction.