A Kernel Of Support For Ethanol?

Are subsidies for ethanol somewhat different from other subsidies???in other words, not all that bad? In this free-flowing dialogue, free market environmentalists debate the issue.

Forever Blue, Forever Green

Somehow I had missed the fact that Chuck Leavell was keyboardist for the Allman Brothers Band and, since 1982, for the Rolling Stones. Nor did I know that he is a forester.

Environmental Entrepreneurship

Environmental entrepreneurs should have a business plan just as any other entrepreneur, but for my business- school students this is a revelation.

Environmental Reputation

Does a firm's pollution harm its reputation? You might think so, but recent research by Jonathan Karpoff, John Lott Jr., and Eric Wehrly argues otherwise.

Green Chips

Deep in the heart of Texas one of America’s leading technology firms is just putting the final touches on one of the nation’s greenest buildings.…

The Upside Of Logging

A recent issue of Audubon magazine arrived with a somewhat unexpected message on the front: "Log Your Land." Needless to say, the article contained a…

Four Course Compost

Some of the finest restaurants in San Francisco are serving up delicious Northern California wines and vegetables that were produced with the help of scraps…

Letters to the Editor

Keep the Alternatives to Market-Based Hunting There is some merit in Terry Anderson’s thesis (On Target, December 2005) that unlimited access can lead to a…