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Volume 21, No.1, Spring 2003

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The Worm Turns

At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, nearly half a million worms are at work farming food scraps from the mess hall. The worm farm had long been a dream of Bill Meinerding, the manager of the base’s recycling program. So far he could not be happier with his squirmy little farmers. Originally they wereContinue reading "The Worm Turns"

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Leasing The Goat

Small family-run farms are facing tough economic times. For many of the families, staying on the farm often means taking another job in town. In 1979, three of these small farmers came up with a better idea. They arranged to have their products delivered directly to urban dwellers. They contracted with other small farmers toContinue reading "The Worm Turns"

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Spinning Trash

The pop cans, plastic cups, cellophane wrappers, and other debris that people toss on streets and sidewalks can end up on the beach or bobbing in the ocean. Oil and grease from cars and trucks can also be flushed into open water by a rainstorm or melting snow. Storm drains are built to catch theContinue reading "The Worm Turns"

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Regulators Damage a Park

A professor at Case Western Law School writes about the perverse results of the Cleveland airport's "mitigation" of the loss of a wetland. To build a new runway, the airport must pay to "create" wetlands by damaging a beautiful and serene park sixteen miles away.

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