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Volume 20, No.3, Fall 2002

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It's A Wrap

The search for bio-friendly food packaging material may have finally come to an end. EarthShell has developed a product from limestone, sand, and starch from potatoes or corn that will decompose within a few weeks when exposed to air. This packaging, Ali-ITE, has two distinct advantages over many other new products. Production costs are theContinue reading "It’s A Wrap"

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Water Logged

An unlikely treasure lies buried in the cold dark depths of Lake Superior. Its golden hues emanate not from precious metal, but rather old-growth oak, maple, birch, and elm. Scott Mitchen, a professional treasure hunter, is thrilled with his find. During the late 1800s, millions of trees were cut and floated across the lake; however,Continue reading "It’s A Wrap"

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Dung Power

British dairy farmers are on the cutting edge of a new power source. The dung from their 5,000 cows is fueling a biogas plant on the north coast of Devon, England. The project is a joint venture between Farmatic of Germany and twenty-eight Devon dairy farmers. The waste is collected and then allowed to fermentContinue reading "It’s A Wrap"

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Computer Career

James Burgett, a 350-pound biker and ex-heroin addict, runs one of largest nonprofit computer recycling centers in the United States. Most of the money he makes is poured back into nonprofit activities. He has supplied refurbished computers to nearly every school in Oakland, Calif., human rights organizations in Guatemala, orphanages in Mexico, and disadvantaged peopleContinue reading "It’s A Wrap"

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