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Volume 18, No.4, Winter 2000

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A Fund For Forests

Two major foundations have donated more than $12 million for the protection of private forest lands throughout northern New England and New York. This contribution represents the largest single private commitment to forest conservation in the region. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation provided more than $10 million and the Surdna Foundation added another $2 millionContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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Retailer's Releaf

This summer of devastating wildfire has left many areas vulnerable to further damage. The aftermath of erosion, runoff, and flooding can cause more harm to fish and wildlife habitat than the fire. Acting as quickly as possible, the conservation group American Forests has joined forces with retailer Eddie Bauer to create a fund that willContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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A Purpose For Sludge

What to do with sludge is a problem faced by many a manufacturer. And that problem has been further complicated in recent times as state and federal agencies often regulate sludge as a hazardous waste. Undaunted, IBM’s facility in Hopewell Junction, NY, has come up with a recycling plan. The sludge from its plant isContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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Sticking With Soy

Soybeans are as much a part of the American diet as corn on the cob, just not as obvious. From margarine and cooking oils to salad dressings and nondairy coffee creamers, soybeans have made a place for themselves. Now, a new soy-based adhesive is shaking up the glue industry. This adhesive, which can join twoContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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Tire Power

More than 270 million tires are discarded every year and that number continues to grow. The good news is that 64 percent of those tires are now being reused as flooring, fuel, automobile parts, and even playground surfaces. Others are retreaded to sell again overseas and of course some end up in landfills. The largestContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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Leasing Trees

Protecting forest lands in developing countries often meets with strong resistance. Rather than create parks or reserves, many governments feel compelled to choose commercial development because of their urgent need for the revenues generated from logging and mining. Conservation International, a private nonprofit foundation based in Washington, D.C., is overcoming this resistance with cash. ByContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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Free Market Environmentalism Revised

Free market environmentalism was once considered an oxymoron. During the 1990s, however, many people began to take free market environmentalism seriously. We are particularly pleased that it caught the fancy of a growing number of environmentalists. Some environmentalists have turned to free market environmentalism because of its ability to provide a long-lasting solution. When propertyContinue reading "A Fund For Forests"

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