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Volume 16, No.4, Winter 1998

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Christine Jurzykowski A love of animals could not keep red ink from spilling across the pages of Christine Jurzykowski’s account books at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Jurzykowski and her partner Jim Jackson had purchased 2,700 acres of rolling Texas hill country with good intentions and hefty bank accounts and made it home to moreContinue reading "Enviro-Capitalists:"

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Government Obstacle:

  Thwarted By Regulation David Cameron is a third-generation Montana rancher. A lanky, middle-aged man with a genial manner, he raises cattle and sheep. Cameron is also a biologist, recently retired from Montana State University. He and his family have a long tradition of protecting wildlife. Elk, deer, mountain lions, and bears inhabit his ranch.Continue reading "Enviro-Capitalists:"

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Nurturing Entrepreneurs:

1. LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THESE PIONEERS. Chances are, the readers of this issue of PERC Reports were unaware of most of the individuals mentioned here until now. Perhaps a few have visited Fossil Rim and some have read in PERC Reports about Orri Vigfœsson’s purchase of salmon fishing rights. But the environmental successes ofContinue reading "Enviro-Capitalists:"

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