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Urs Kreuter

Urs Kreuter is a Professor in the Department of Ecology & Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University and holds the Joan Negley Kelleher Professorship. Dr. Kreuter’s research program explores the human dimensions of natural resources management and aims to inform policy that fosters positive incentives for people to restore the resilience of terrestrial ecosystems under diverse land tenure systems. His research has focused primarily on three areas of inquiry: (1) The use of prescribed fire to restore the resilience of rangelands and to manage fuel load accumulations to mitigate increasingly destructive wildfire under changing climatic conditions; (2) The use of grazing management practices to enhance soil health and the delivery of ecosystem services from rangelands; and (3) The evaluation of ecosystem services affected by land cover and land use changes. Dr. Kreuter teaches three courses: (1) An undergraduate capstone course in Ecosystem Management; (2) A Study Abroad Course in South Africa that focuses on biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism; and (3) A graduate course in Ecological Economics. Dr. Kreuter received a B.S. (Agriculture, 1982) and M.S. (Agriculture, 1985) from the University of Natal, South Africa, and a M.A. (Economics, 1989) and Ph.D. (Range Science, 1992) from Utah State University. His doctoral research examined the comparative economics of cattle and wildlife production systems in the midlands of Zimbabwe. Dr. Kreuter joined Texas A&M University as an Assistant Professor in 1998, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2004, and to Professor in 2010.