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Todd Myers

Todd Myers is a hobbyist beekeeper, the Director of the Center for the Environment at Washington Policy Center, and the author of Eco-Fads: How the Rise of Trendy Environmentalism is Harming the Environment.
Wall Street Journal Expert panelist for energy and the environment, he has authored numerous studies on environmental issues, including Five Years of Environmental Policy: Are We Making a Difference; Promoting Personal Choice, Incentives and Investment to Cut Greenhouse Gases, and more. Todd’s in-depth research on the failure of the state’s 2005 “green” building mandate continues to receive national attention. He formerly served on the executive team at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, and was Director of Public Relations for the Seattle SuperSonics and Director of Public Affairs for the Seattle Mariners. Todd holds a Master’s degree from the University of Washington.
Todd hosts the Eco-Fads podcast.