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Sergyey Popov

Sergyey Popov is assistant professor and chair of instrumental diagnostic methods at the State Medical Academy in Voronezh, Russia. He is the highest category medical doctor and a medical science candidate whose scientific activities focus on ecology, social hygiene, and diagnostics in medicine. Popov has a keen interest in writing and the environment. He has authored six collections of poems and prose and numerous articles devoted to environment protection, health care, and market relations. Popov was a winner of the all-Russian Literature Competition named after A. Makovsky. He is a member of the Russian Writers Union, head of the Voronezh Publicistic Studio, editor of the literary and publicistic almanac, Breden, and an associate of the International Programme, “Leadership for Environment and Development.” Popov is also head of the Centre taking actions against ecology adversity. He is a graduate of the State Medical Academy (1985) and the Literature Institute in Moscow (1993).