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Raul Figueroa

Raul Figueroa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he grew up working on the 15-acre family coffee farm that his father bought to “make sure we would  never grow too far away from the land.” He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico. While in college he received the Pharmaceutical Industry Scholarship and several other smaller academic prizes. In 1986, Figueroa went to work for Eli Lilly & Co. in automation projects and later was promoted to management positions.  In 1992, he left Lilly to work as a Programs Director for the Association de Fomento Educativo, an NGO focused on educational and social programs in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  In  2002, he accepted a job at Strathmore University in Nairobi managing a EU-funded expansion of  Strathmore College to a University.  Currently Figueroa is the Projects & Estate Manager for Strathmore. He is very involved in sports but quit tennis and competitive karate to work exclusively on archery. He is currently the president of the Kenya Archery Association and coach for the Kenya National Team, as well as a competitor in 3D and Field Archery, and a bowhunting enthusiast.