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Kate Pipkin

Kate Pipkin is a native of Milwaukee, Wisc., but has lived throughout the eastern United States.  She graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Later she attended Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, graduating in 1996 with a Master of Environmental Studies in Conservation Biology.  Her master project focus was obstacles to endangered freshwater mussel recovery in the Southeast.  After briefly working for the University of Tennessee, Pipkin joined the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission as a conservation biologist and worked on the recovery of the Carolina heelsplitter, a federally endangered freshwater mussel endemic to the Carolinas.  After working with the Carolina heelsplitter for four years, Pipkin moved into her current position with the same agency as a public information biologist.  Her major duties are media relations, outreach product development, marketing and providing information support to the agency’s wildlife biologists.  She lives in Cary, N.C., with her husband and puppy.