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Chris Corbin

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At a young age Chris Corbin was told, “Do what you love.” He has been pursuing his passion for water ever since. He left his home in Northwest Arkansas to explore the fabled waters of Montana and pursue an education. He graduated from The University of Montana with High Honors in Aquatic Wildlife Biology and Environmental Studies. Upon graduation, Chris accepted a position as Project Manager of the Montana Water Trust and served as Chairman of the Board for the Bitter Root Water Forum. To further his education, he returned to The University of Montana and earned an MBA. His education in conjunction with additional consulting experience as a Water Right Specialist for PBS&J led him to pursue an entrepreneurial vision for a water marketing company. He launched Lotic, LLC, in the fall of 2007. Since then, he has shifted his portfolio from water rights clients to “digital branding” clients. Chris Launched Corbin Brands at the start of 2014 and creates digital branding for awesome people and companies. When he is not working, Chris can be found on local rivers with Madison, his golden retriever, at his side and a fly rod in his hand.

Articles by Chris Corbin

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