Conservatives Can Lead on Conservation and Climate Solutions

Everyone wants fresh air, clean water, healthy wildlife populations, and open spaces to enjoy. As climate change threatens those goals, nature itself is a big part of the solution.

During the 117th Congress, then-Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) formed the Energy, Climate, and Conservation Task Force with six policy areas of focus. One of these pillars, titled Conservation With a Purpose, would harness the power of natural ecosystems to sequester carbon and fight climate change. Reforestation, coastal ecosystem restoration, and regenerative agriculture could account for more than a third of emissions reductions needed by 2030 while making us more resilient to a changing climate.

Now as speaker of the House, McCarthy has the opportunity to put these plans into action, especially now that Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR), the only licensed forester in Congress, leads the House Natural Resources Committee. The 118th Congress should lead on conservation priorities, such as natural climate solutions and forest restoration initiatives, to unite Americans over environmental stewardship. After all, 90% of Americans are in favor of planting trees and restoring ecosystems to tackle climate change.

Read the full article in the Washington Examiner.

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