Hunt Talk: Creative Ideas to Conserve Elk

Elk grazing on private lands in Paradise Valley, Montana.

PERC CEO Brian Yablonski joins Randy Newberg of the popular podcast Hunt Talk to discuss creative ideas to conserve open space and elk migration corridors in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

With rapid regional growth and fragmentation, it is critical to conserve the large open spaces that wildlife like elk depend on. The working ranches of Montana’s Paradise Valley provide the open space and forage that elk utilize for up to 80 percent of their winter range. But providing this habitat comes at a cost.

PERC’s Paradise Valley Brucellosis Compensation Fund is a creative new tool that helps offset some of the costs imposed by elk. By helping support the ranchers of Paradise Valley who provide elk habitat, we can conserve the open spaces that are so vital to the wildlife we cherish.

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