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Yellowstone Public Radio: Innovative Fund Supports Ranchers Who Provide Elk Habitat

  • Brian Yablonski
  • Elk grazing on private land in Montana’s Paradise Valley.

    PERC CEO Brian Yablonski joins Yellowstone Public Radio to discuss PERC’s new Brucellosis Compensation Fund. The fund is the first of its kind in Montana, raising private dollars to offset some of the costs born by ranchers whose livestock contract brucellosis from elk. By helping mitigate the financial risk of disease transfer, the Brucellosis Compensation Fund can increase wildlife tolerance among landowners and aid in the broader goal of conserving elk habitat.

    Listen to the episode.

    Learn more about the Brucellosis Compensation Fund.

    Written By
    • Brian Yablonski
      • Chief Executive Officer

      Brian Yablonski is the chief executive officer of PERC and the former chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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