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Enviropreneur Update: March 2016

What has the Enviropreneur Institute class of 2015 been up to?

2015 Enviropreneur of the Year, Bryse Gaboury, is changing lives in Abar, Indonesia, where Electric Vine Industries launched their first solar smart grid. Abar’s residents have stopped burning kerosene for lighting, and women, who no longer have to spend as much time collecting firewood, are saving hours a day.

Learn more about Abar’s decarbonized energy in Electric Vine Industries latest newsletter.

When Joe Azzarelli came to PERC, he pitched a pocket-sized sensor to monitor water quality. After a conversation with one of his Enviropreneur Institute mentors, he decided to apply the same sensor technology for the health industry. Now, Joe and his colleagues at Astraeus Technologies are winning awards for the L-Card which allows people to detect lung cancer with their smart phones.

Learn more in the MIT newsroom.

[video: width:200 height:112]

Angela Smith and her colleagues at Shark Team One provide conservation, research and citizen science expeditions to local and global destinations where sharks are on the verge of extinction. When local economies benefit from shark tourism, it provides incentives to shift from fishing sharks to conserving them.

Join Shark Team One on a shark expedition in their new video.


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