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“Over the last several decades I’ve had the incredible opportunity to pursue my love of nature as a vocation and avocation around the globe. During this time, a constant theme has been the question of how to show proper stewardship of these settings, as well as the wildlife and communities that inhabit them. I’m passionate about PERC’s message because repeatedly I’ve seen that we best care for the resources for which we have a deep sense of ownership and connection to.

Free market environmentalism is fundamentally about making the unmanipulated nexus between what we value and nature. Stewardship is always going to be about choices and, therefore, never easy or without change. For me, PERC is about highlighting the brightest thinking on these choices in real time so that each day I’m in the best possible position to positively conserve the places, wildlife, and communities to which I have a responsibility.”  

Background: Graduate of Montana State University and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. F-P has more than 20 years of investment banking and private equity industry experience. He is president of King Capital Partners, a family office that pursues economic and socially-focused investment opportunities in the areas of energy, real estate and technology. His focus is on creating significant value through the delivery of leadership, relationship, and creativity. He has held positions with the J.P Morgan Chase; as well as Hoak Breedlove Weneski & Co., and Windrock Capital.

In addition to serving on PERC’s board, F-P serves on the board of directors of Republic Energy; Temple Fork Outfitters; 2D2C; Paseo de la Resaca; Trinity Timberland Partners, and Four Starr Energy. He is also former Chairman of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. 

F-P visits his family ranch in Montana as often as he can. The ranch is near the old town of Cameron—population 10—which consists of the Blue Moon Saloon and a post office.  Any spare time he can find is spent fishing or hunting with his wife and two sons.

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