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While June brings a great group of students to Montana each year, July brings thoughts of freedom. The two have much in common. Every year PERC and Liberty Fund co-sponsor a program for students. It is a weeklong seminar that provides an opportunity for a group of undergraduate college students to become immersed in ideas about the environment and its connection to property rights, freedoms, markets, and liberty.

Together, these ideas are sometimes considered oxymoronic. But that is, in fact, not the case at all. In concert they create a path toward enhanced environmental stewardship. Secure property rights motivate investment. To steward the environment requires an investment — an investment to maintain conditions or to restore them to a previous state.  And it is the signals from market interactions that demonstrate the environmental quality that is desired.

In the end, freedom is a key. Free to act while not reducing the freedoms of others. Free to interact in the marketplace. These freedoms have enabled our country to be among the richest in the world. Freedoms that have helped us become wealthier and healthier. Freedoms that have motivated a cleaner and more pristine environment. Our ancestors fought to earn us these freedoms hundreds of years ago.

The best way to protect our future freedoms is to ensure generations from today and tomorrow understand how important they are. Help make a difference by imparting the value of freedom.

Go to if you would like to help PERC share the value of freedom.

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