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2011 PERC Fellows

Each summer, PERC awards fellowships to scholars, journalists, business people and environmentalists from around the world who are engaged with the same ideas and approaches to conservation as PERC. Their particular interests vary widely, including forestry, fisheries, ecosystem services, climate change, conservation easements, energy development as well as many other topics. Fellows are expected to spend time at PERC, work with PERC researchers and senior fellows, or a qualified mentor, present a series of seminars as their work progresses, and complete a publishable paper or article.

 PERC offers several types of fellowships to accommodate differing interests and backgrounds: Julian Simon Fellowships, Lone Mountain Fellowships, Graduate and Law Student Fellowships, Enviropreneur Fellowships, and Media Fellowships. More information about these fellowships is available by clicking on the titles above.

Listed below are the scholars who have been awarded fellowships for 2011. Applications are still under review and more will be added.

Julian Simon Fellows

Bruce Pardy
Queen’s University
Topic: Natural Law of Systems

Matthew Turner
University of Toronto – Economics
Topic: Human Adaption to
Climate Change

Lone Mountain Fellows

Jonathan Adler
Case Western Reserve
Topic: Water Law and Property Rights

Jeffrey Bennett
Crawford School, Australia
Topic: Book – Little Green Lies

Eric Coleman
Florida State University
Topic: Anti-Commons and Adaption
to Forest Disturbance

Christopher Costello
UCSB, Bren School
Topic:Efficiency of property rights for marine biodiversity conservation

Dan Kaffine
Colorado School of Mines
Topic: Split Estate and Wind Power

Matthew Kahn
UCLA, Institute of the Environment
Topic: Adaption of Cities to Climate Change

Steve Medema
Colorado University – Denver
Topic: History of Coase Theorem

Sergey Mityakov
Clemson University
Topic: Politics and Property Rights
in World Oil Trade

Matt Neidell
Columbia University
Topic: Willingness to Pay for Water Quality

Claire Priest
Yale Law School
Topic: Development of Property Law

Richard Rice
Save Your World Foundation
Topic: Property Rights, Compensation
and Conservation

Randy Rucker
Montana State University
Topic: Colony Collapse Disease

Jim Salzman
Duke Law School
Topic: The Administrative State


Lone Mountain Fellows cont.

Robert Tollinson
Clemson University
Topic: Political Economy of the Medieval Church

Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes
Environmental Economist, South Africa
Topic: International Wildlife Trade Policy

Bart Wilson
Chapman University
Topic: The Territorial Foundations of Human Property

Graduate Fellows

Patrick Wieland
Yale Law School
Topic: Peru’s Resource Curse

Byron Leonard
Montana State University
Topic: Effect of Environmental Legislation
on Environmental Interest Groups

Andy Balthrop
Georgia State University
Topic: Spillover Effects in Oil and Gas Fields

Scott Frechette
University of Arizona Law School
Topic: Conservation Easements for
Ecosystem Services

Harrison Zeff
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Topic: Financial Tools to Improve Water
Allocation During Droughts

Media Fellows

Brendan Borrell
Topic: Rangeland Health on public
vs. private land

John Koppisch
Forbes magazine
Topic: Native American Economies

Andrew Wilson
The Weekly Standard, American Spectator
Topic: Energy

Research Assistants

Katy Hansen
Cambridge University
Topic: FME Revision

Anne Ireland
Colorado College
Topic: Public Affairs

Enviropreneur Fellows

Meet the fellows here  


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