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Class of 2001: Where are they now?

John Charles

Cascade Policy Institute

In 2004, John Charles became the president of Cascade Policy Institute—an Oregon-based think tank working for state-level reform in areas such as land-use regulation, energy, and taxation. John speaks and writes frequently about free market environmentalism. Currently, he is working on a series of case studies on Portland’s transit-oriented developments. Over the past decade, John has made presentations on this topic in 27 states.

Sean Blacklocke
Independent Environmental Consultant
Sean Blacklocke lives in Dublin, Ireland, and Washington, D.C. and specializes in water resources management. Sean’s largest contract is currently with the University College Dublin in Ireland, where he serves as project manager of a five-year multi-disciplinary study of forestry impacts on water quality. He is also chairman of a water quality trading workshop series sponsored by the International Water Association and supported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The first two workshops were held in Seoul in 2009 and Québec in 2010. The final workshop will be in Rotorua, New Zealand, in September 2011.

Norman Lowe
EcoResults Institute
Norman Lowe has lived in Flagstaff for the past 21 years where he is the executive officer of a nonprofit environmental organization called EcoResults Institute. Over the past nine years, EcoResults has worked with ranchers and various agencies on land restoration projects. Norman has also published Aesthetic Sustainability: The Fourth Bottom Line Orienting Sustainable Building and Development, which highlights the importance of values and aesthetics in green development. Norman is currently writing children’s stories and designing workbooks promoting green living and environmental awareness. Find out more at

Sharon Safran
Lockton Companies
In 2003, Sharon Safran opened Gudigwa Camp, a high-end bushman cultural village/safari experience in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. After earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh in 2004, Sharon worked for the Global Environment Facility, housed at the World Bank. In 2006, she moved to the United States and became an environmental underwriter, selling pollution insurance associated with brownfield redevelopments. Sharon is now an environmental risk specialist with Lockton Companies—the largest private commercial insurance broker in the world.

Elizabeth Singleton
The Dow Chemical Company
Elizabeth Singleton founded the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum, an organization created to improve natural resource management in Tanzania. The organization is based on five principles: transparent governance institutions, a responsive policy and legal environment that supports land rights, profitable partnerships with rural landowners, accountable resource users and managers, and well-managed ecosystems that generate sustainable services. Find out more at www.tnrf. org. After completing her MBA at UC Berkley, Elizabeth joined the Dow Chemical Company, where she currently works as the global business development leader for Dow’s Energy and Climate Change Group.

Kathy Viatella
Sustainable Conservation
Kathy Viatella is the managing director of programs for Sustainable Conservation, a nonprofit that advances the stewardship of natural resources using innovative, pragmatic strategies that engage businesses and private landowners. Her role is to manage programs and shape new initiatives that position the organization for continued growth. Previously, Kathy worked for the Nature Conservancy in San Diego developing and implementing strategies to conserve ecologically important habitats in Southern California. Prior to TNC, Kathy was an economist with the Environmental Defense Fund where she worked to create landowner incentives for the conservation of rare plants and animals.

Tara Wood
In 2001, Tara Wood founded Wildfitness, a company that offers physically transformative experiences in nature and promotes a philosophy for life-long health. Wildfitness teaches a range of natural human movements including bare-foot running, swimming, and climbing. Tara’s role is to ensure that all components of the business—customers, staff, and the environment—are well serviced. In particular, her focus is to innovate and keep Wildfitness a leader in the field of natural fitness and health. Find out more at


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