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by Shawn Regan

As John Stossel writes, the first Thanksgiving almost didn’t happen. Communal property arrangements caused early Plymouth settlers to nearly starve. Food production was low and famine soon resulted. It wasn’t until settlers began assigning property rights to parcels of land that Thanksgiving was possible.  Corn was planted, harvests rose, and in 1623, the first Thanksgiving was held.

This week, Stossel will be dedicating an entire show to the subject of property rights. The show will discuss the role of property rights in Native American societies, in promoting prosperity in the developing world, and how they saved the American bison. PERC executive director Terry Anderson will appear, as well as PERC fellow Brian Yablonski. Be sure to tune in to STOSSEL on the Fox Business Network on Thursday at 9 PM EST.

Watch a preview of the show here.


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