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Enviroprenuer in Action – Nigel Asquith

Nigel Asquith
Director of Strategy at Fundacion Natura Bolivia
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Nigel Asquith is Executive Director of the Ecofund Ecuador, and Director of Strategy at Fundación Natura Bolivia. He has more than 15 years experience designing and implementing conservation projects. His technical expertise is in plant-animal relations in neotropical forests, ecosystem service valuation, policy analysis, and the impacts of the oil and gas sector on biodiversity. He has worked at the Smithsonian Institution, the Center for International Forestry Research, and the World Bank.

From 2001-2005 he worked for Conservation International in Washington D.C., undertaking policy analyses, fundraising, developing a regional strategy for northern Mesoamerica, and managing external grants to Bolivian and Brazilian conservation NGOs. Asquith’s regional specialization is in the tropical Andes, with extensive experience in Indonesia, Mesoamerica, Madagascar, Yemen and Ghana. He recently finished a one-year fellowship in the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University’s Center for International Development. He was in residence at PERC as a Lone Mountain Fellow during June-July 2007 and a 2005 graduate of PERC’s enviropreneur program. Asquith received his Ph.D. in Tropical Ecology from Duke University in 1999.

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