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Economics and the Environment:

Economics and the Environment: EcoDetectives is a 15-lesson curriculum designed to show how teachers and students can use economic reasoning in efforts to describe and explain environmental problems.

The EcoDetectives lessons differ in form and content from the materials found in many environmental education programs. They call for investigation into 15 EcoMysteries–environmental problems or conditions that seem to be puzzling. For each EcoMystery, the investigation that follows is informed by one or more of six principles of EcoDetection. These principles are derived in turn from basic concepts of economics.

The mysteries are provocatively formulated, and the instructional activities that accompany them will challenge students continually to think in new ways.

This curriculum was developed by the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) with support and assistance from PERC.

It is available from NCEE online or call  1-212-730-7007 .

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