noun | en-vi-ro-preneur

  1. An environmental entrepreneur
  2. An innovator who finds new ways to enhance environmental quality
  3. Someone who resolves environmental conflicts using cooperation, property rights, and markets

From 2001 to 2015, PERC held an annual Enviropreneur Institute. The program served as an accelerator for entrepreneurs who harnessed the power of markets to resolve environmental issues or enhance environmental quality.


The Future of Environmental Entrepreneurship

PERC continues to engage with enviropreneurs who are applying bright solutions to environmental problems. Environmental entrepreneurs apply our ideas to conserve water, recover fish stocks, restore forests and wetland habitat, and grow wildlife populations, generating economic returns and environmental benefit. Every summer we gather enviropreneurs together to discuss creative approaches to conservation.

PERC hosts an annual Enviropreneur Hackathon, where enviropreneurs are presented with a current environmental challenge and work to develop innovative market solutions It is a competition of ideas as teams develop, refine, and pitch remedies. The judging panel is made up of conservation professionals that may be interested in supporting, and ultimately implementing, the market-based solutions created.