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Volume 25, No.2, Summer 2007

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The Origins of Beliefs

Can beliefs about fundamental social institutions such as the market system, change? If so, what can cause such changes? Even if one replies “yes” to the first question discerning an answer to the second has been an elusive goal for social scientists. Recent research by Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Galliani, and Ernesto Schargrodsky (2007) presentsContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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The Shirt Off My Back

If carbon emissions, chemical spills, and non-point water pollution are weighing heavy on your mind, a new report from Cambridge University has a bit more bad news. That simple, white cotton t-shirt is a problem. Listen up guys! Over the lifetime of the garment, a polyester blouse uses less energy than your t-shirt.  While peopleContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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Earth Day “Last Sunday was marked by an orgy of celebrations of Earth Day, the worldwide annual event intended ‘to spark a revolution against environmental abuse’…[But it is] human ingenuity and technology that not only raise living standards, but also restore environmental amenities. How about a day to celebrate that… Economic Progress Day?” –John Stossel,Continue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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Letters to the Editor

Ideas travel far and fast I read with interest, as usual, the Spring edition of PERC Reports, I remember the book very well, and not only that, it seems to me that we may have one of the first quotations of the book in an article in Spanish. Together with Alberto Benegas Lynch we bothContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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