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Volume 22, No.3, Fall 2004

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A New Fishing Tragedy?

The tragedy of the commons explains why ocean fisheries are prone to overuse (Hardin1968).1 The good news is that individual fishing quotas, called IFQs or ITQs (for individual transferable quotas), have overcome this tendency in a growing number of fisheries around the globe. I am currently working with the Reason Public Policy Institute and EnvironmentalContinue reading "Are We Running Out of Oil?"

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Goats to the Rescue

The Rio Grande’s cottonwood forest is overgrown with water-sucking, firefueling salt cedar and other invasive weeds. To clear the bosque, the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District in New Mexico is hiring up to 1,000 goats to munch their way through the unwanted vegetation and preserve both the cottonwoods and the water flow. Goats have alreadyContinue reading "Are We Running Out of Oil?"

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