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Volume 21, No.3, Fall 2003

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Home On The Range

In California, conservation easements are saving more than astonishing landscapes; they are saving livelihoods. The California Rangeland Trust is preserving working cattle ranches. The fledgling group was founded in 1998 by the California Cattlemen’s Association with the help of a $400,000 grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. It was prompted in large partContinue reading "Recycling Rubbish"

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A disaster for some is an opportunity for others. When noxious weeds invade Montana pastures and hillsides, two enterprising Missoula teenagers reap the benefits. Jonathan and Matthew Rich have spent the summer collecting, sorting, and selling thousands of weevils and flea beetles that feed on knapweed and leafy spurge, some of the state’s most invasiveContinue reading "Recycling Rubbish"

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Shark Haven

The world’s largest fish has found a safe haven in the waters surrounding a tiny Caribbean island. Two environmental groups have purchased the 5-acre Little Water Caye Island off the southern coast of Belize and will manage the surrounding waters as a protected area for the reclusive whale shark. Conservation International, based in Washington, DC,Continue reading "Recycling Rubbish"

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