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Volume 17, No.3, Fall 1999

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Harvest Of Savings

Harvest of Savings An accountant with a Washington State paper mill was the unlikely inspiration for a new process to produce recycled newsprint. Although the engineers said it couldn’t be done, Carl Simpson suggested replacing woodchips with office paper and telephone directories in order to provide the fiber content needed for newsprint. Steilacoom’s Abitibi ConsolidatedContinue reading "At Home in the Suburbs"

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Growing Cold

On the island of Hawaii, cold water pumped from 2,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface is creating ideal conditions for agriculture and ocean farming. In 1974, the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii began research into cold water technology. Now that technology is being put to commercial use growing organic vegetables, flowers, clams, and oysters. TheContinue reading "At Home in the Suburbs"

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Hotel Hogan

The Navajo Reservation that sprawls across the starkly beautiful landscape of northern Arizona and New Mexico attracts thousands of tourists every year. Yet aside from the trading posts and occasional souvenir stands, few tribal members benefit from this wealth of visitors. Many Navajo families continue to live as their ancestors did, herding sheep on remoteContinue reading "At Home in the Suburbs"

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At Home in the Suburbs

By James R. Dunn Many environmentalists worry that suburban growth is reducing the diversity of wildlife. The Sierra Club’s Carl Pope recently wrote that urban sprawl “fragments landscapes–and fragmented landscapes are the biggest threat to America’s wildlife heritage” (Pope 1999, 6). This claim may be true in California, but it is not supported in NewContinue reading "At Home in the Suburbs"

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Safe But Sorry

In June, European environmental activists dressed as butterflies protested the possible sale of genetically modified crops. A scientific report had suggested that pollen from such corn could harm caterpillars. Friends of the Earth and Defenders of Wildlife have written President Clinton calling for a ban on so-called “killer corn.” A broad coalition of environmental groups,Continue reading "At Home in the Suburbs"

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