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Tom Iseman

Tom Iseman is the Director of Water Scarcity and Markets, Global Freshwater Program for The Nature Conservancy in Colorado. He works to protect rivers and wetlands and the plants and animals they support across Colorado and the American Southwest. He has served on statewide and regional water supply planning efforts, including Colorado’s Statewide Water Supply Initiative and the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program. He has also worked at TNC’s on-the-ground river and wetland projects, applying new tools in partnership with local stakeholders to protect rivers and streams directly. He currently serves on the board of the Colorado Water Trust. Prior to coming to TNC, Tom worked for the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC, focusing on water and hydropower issues for the Office of Policy. Tom grew up in Englewood, CO, and received a BA in history from Princeton University (focusing on Western water issues) and an MS from the University of Michigan in freshwater ecology. He enjoys running, biking, and skiing but is inept at fly fishing and kayaking.