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Stephen Fonzo

Stephen Fonzo is an independent archaeological and historical research consultant currently working in the northern Virginia/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He specializes in historical and cultural resource management, the study of early American archaeological sites, Geographic Information Systems, social history, and archival research. With degrees in anthropology and geology, Stephen has worked as an archaeologist in heritage districts of Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, at public interpretive sites in the United States such as Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, and James Madison’s Montpelier, and for the cultural resources management department of the Virginia State Department of Transportation. He currently advises the Buckland Preservation Society in the design and implementation of resource management for a National Register of Historic Places district and Civil War battlefield and is working with a large and diverse group of professionals to set creative precedents in historic preservation. Stephen is a published poet and active musician, singer, and songwriter, playing in a variety of genres, namely folk, rock, and jazz.