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Sarah Bellos

Sarah Bellos is president of Stony Creek Colors, a natural colorants company working to connect U.S. farmers to industrial colorant markets. Stony Creek Colors’ goal is to increase the sustainability and resilience of agricultural ecosystems in the Southeast US by developing the market for high quality, plant-based colorants.

Stony Creek Colors’ natural colorants will replace synthetic dyes derived from imported, non-renewable raw materials such as petroleum and coal tar with a more sustainable and renewable plant dye source. Our passion is in creating new markets for sustainable agricultural products to add value to American grown raw plant materials while decreasing synthetic and toxic dye use in industries such as textiles and food.

Prior to her work in plant extracts, Sarah Bellos co-founded and dyed at Artisan Natural Dyeworks, a small scale natural dyehouse specializing in the use of all-natural plant- and earth-based dyes to dye garments, piece goods and production yardage for the fashion industry. Bellos spends her weekends raising natural dye crops and vegetables, tending to her bees, and sitting in her hammock on her small farm in Whites Creek, Tennessee. Bellos studied Natural Resources Policy and Management in the College of Agriculture at Cornell University.