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Ronald Gardiner

Gardiner has been a manufacturing businessman, a directional drilling engineer in the oil field, a wildlife and watershed field biologist, river conservationist, and political analyst. The foundation of his environmental background comes from field research and experience with various wildlife, range and watershed evaluations and often restorations. He has spent much time as an educator and advocate. As a river conservationist in New Mexico, he spent 4 years proffering river conscious water administration and stream flow protection as a policy advocate. He enjoys long-standing collaborative relationships with farmers throughout the Upper Rio Grande Basin. As the majority analyst for the Senate Conservation Committee, Gardiner reviews all new law, changes of law, modification of jurisdictional policy, and appropriations pertaining to water and natural resources in the State of New Mexico. He advocated for Rio Grande Restoration and evaluated for the Senate the recently created New Mexico Water Trust. It will be an evolving policy mechanism.