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Quentin Cole

Quentin Cole is an environmental engineer and creative systems designer. As President and co-founder of Forage Pierce County in Tacoma WA, last year Quentin led the community driven cooperative in introducing examples of sustainable food production through the environmental remediation of disturbed ecosystems on public and private land; utilizing methods of permaculture and agroforestry. This year Quentin has worked to build the capacity of the local food system in Lawrence, KS. As a social entrepreneur, Quentin founded a non-profit business in Lawrence that aims to promote food independence, sustainability, and economic justice through community supported agriculture. With a broad range of experiences related to environmental conservation, over the past 6 years Quentin has worked internationally to develop point-of-use systems; centered on efficient, integrated resource management. Before graduating with a BS in Civil and Environmental engineering from the University of Kansas in 2012, Quentin conducted research considering the utilization of municipal waste streams in the production of biofuels also working on a number of LEED certified and low impact development projects across the country. His personal goal is to promote and replicate the symbiosis found in nature, interfacing the built and natural environment.