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Kathryn Ratte

Kathy Ratté is the Director of Currciulum Development at the Foundation for Teaching Economics, and a discussion leader for PERC’s Student Colloquium.

She has served more than 20 years as a high school economics, civics, and American history teacher in suburban Denver, Colorado. In 2001, Kathy moved from the high school classroom into teacher training. She authored the Jefferson County (CO) School District’s high school economics curriculum, and directed the standards writing and assessment projects in civics and economics. Recipient of the Colorado Council on Economic Education’s 1991 Enterprising Teacher of the Year award, she has also twice placed in the National Council on Economic Education’s “Excellence in Economic Education” competition—achieving first place in the high school division in 1994 and honorable mention in the open division in 1996. Kathy also served on the standing committee for the 2006 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) economics assessment. She continues to serve as the curriculum director and an on–line instructor and teacher trainer for the California-based Foundation for Teaching Economics.

FTE’s most recent classroom guide, inspired by Cecil the lion, explores the issue of Big Game Hunting.