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Jeff Laszlo

Granger Ranches, MT

Jeff is a fourth-generation owner of the Granger Ranches in Montana’s Madison Valley. He lives in Montana full-time, where he manages the 13,000-acre traditional cattle ranch. Jeff’s efforts to restore a 6,000-acre wetland complex on the property earned him the Environmental Law Institute’s National Wetlands Award for Landowner Steward in 2010.

Jeff Laszlo’s work to restore the headwaters of O’Dell Creek has garnered numerous awards, including the 2010 National Wetlands Award for Private Land Stewardship, and has been the subject of films and numerous articles. Over the past decade, At the O’Dell Project has restored 10 miles of spring fed streams and 1,000 acres of wetlands resulting in improved fish habitat, increased avian species and the return of rare native vegetation. The Granger Ranches, has simultaneously grown its livestock operations, demonstrating that ecological balance and sustainable ranching can coexist along with economic viability. Jeff is  chairman of the Western Landowners Alliance and a graduate of Wesleyan University and Phillips Exeter Academy. He lives full time in Montana in the Madison Valley and Bozeman.