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J.M. Ornstein

J.M. Ornstein is the managing director of J.M.ORNSTEIN, a UK based clean technology commercialization firm, where he structures breakthrough clean energy and clean tech companies, often originating with university lab technology. Mr. Ornstein also serves as framergy’s executive director, leading strategic development; he is also a director of ORRO.CO, which develops sustainability events in Asia. Mr. Ornstein is adept at identifying broad market commercialization opportunities for clean tech to insure their market appeal with or without government involvement. With nearly a decade of investment banking and corporate development experience at firms such as ABN AMRO Bank and Juno Online Services (United Online), Ornstein’s business experience includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatizations, Divestitures, Joint-Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Government Relations, and Business Development. Mr. Ornstein served in the US Army for four years. Later he founded J.M. ORNSTEIN to commercialize emerging cleantech initiatives such as the Renew Public Space Recycling Infrastructure. He is considered an expert on cleantech and guests lectures at many graduate programs including the Stern MBA at New York University. In the US, Mr. Ornstein founded and chairs, a war veteran’s organization that funds veteran health initiatives. He holds a BA in International Finance from the University of Miami, an MBA from SDA Bocconi and a Master’s of Environmental Conservation Education from New York University.